Women hear it all the time from men. “You’re overreacting,” we tell them. “Don’t worry about it so much, you’re over-thinking it.” “Don’t be so sensitive.” “Don’t be crazy.” It’s a form of gaslighting — telling women that their feelings are just wrong, that they don’t have the right to feel the way that they do. Minimizing somebody else’s feelings is a way of controlling them. If they no longer trust their own feelings and instincts, they come to rely on someone else to tell them how they’re supposed to feel.
Men really need to stop calling women crazy (via 5000letters)


Second wave of New 3DS cover plates ⊟

Ahhhh, Jibanyan and KK Slider cover plates for Japan! The camo designs are pretty nice too! The Yokai Watch/Jibanyan one doesn’t release until December 13, but all of the others — as well as the two Kawaii/Kyary Pamyu Pamyu designs — come out on November 21.

Oh, and a quick update on the “Wooden” cover plate — Finchiekins tells us it’s not actual wood, though it’s possible it could just be a thin piece of wood attached to the plastic? Some are saying it smells like sawdust? Considering that cover is double the price of others, I’d hope some part of it is actual wood!

IMPORT New Nintendo 3DS White / Black (3DS XL Blue / Black)
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