Rock ‘n’ roll got its deserved hero. When Jack White stepped up and was like. ‘Watch me devastate your entire fucking industry and all of your expectations of rock with a plastic guitar,’ and his pal on the drums, and literally release records without bass, with beautifully out-of-tune but seriously correct parts. And on analogue equipment with a guy that basically kinda went, ‘Hey, guess what? CDs are over.’ Just at the helm of that. CDs are fucked and everyone is stealing the records on computers. It was like watching everybody in the music industry get what they deserve at the hands of this guy out of Detroit who’s seriously, seriously consumed the power of the mythological shit from Led Zeppelin and the blues elements. I mean think about that rock ‘n’ roll starts with the blues, and the real industrial part of music dies with the blues—with a fucking blues champion. Like all of a sudden here’s this hero and you can’t manufacture what that is … like really you can’t. That’s the sickest story ever.
Ryan Adams, on Jack White Uncut (2014)



every issue that you face as a white person, a person of color has to deal with

depression, abuse, rape, illness, sexism, homophobia, etc etc

everything that white people have to deal with people of color have to deal with as well

plus racism

this is it. this is the definition of white privilege. white people go through things, no one is denying that. but they will never know what it means to deal with all that, PLUS racism

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